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D. Grant Ruesch

General Management Consulting | Interim Executive

Grant Ruesch is a senior executive with a distinguished record of achievement managing global sales organizations, service businesses and corporate finance, sourcing and quality functions spanning key industry sectors such as media, telecommunications, financial services, network computing and software.

Experience is a valuable resource and in his current activities, Grant is able to leverage his core competencies assisting his clients to overcome barriers to progress, address critical marketplace challenges and accelerate profitable business growth. Grantís focus is to help his clients improve total business performance benefiting all stakeholders, now and in the future. Grantís style is balanced, thorough and fair as he works with management to properly scope and prioritize initiatives, decipher organizational interdependencies and then drive flawless execution of winning strategies.

Grantís professional history is impressive. He held a series of Senior VP-level positions at Sun Microsystems in Sales, Services and Corporate Resources. He successfully managed highly profitable global enterprises generating multi-billion dollar revenue streams with large and globally distributed workforces. Grant was a member of Sunís Executive Management Group.

Grant joined Sun Microsystems after a successful career in media, consumer electronics, information services and financial services based on the East Coast where he grew up. Grant began his career as an economist at CBS, Inc. in New York. Subsequent to that, Grant joined NBC, where he served in various capacities in both Corporate Finance and NBCís Television Stations Division. Grantís success at NBC led to his promotion to the parent company RCA as Divisional VP of Home Information Services. This effort resulted in the formation of a joint venture company, CNR (Citicorp, Nynex, RCA), where he served as CFO. Grant eventually went on to pursue initiatives in the consumer-based interactive electronic services arena with the formation of US Tel, Inc. where he served as President and then his own management consulting firm based in New Canaan, CT.

Grant earned his BA in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA where he currently serves on the Alumni Leadership Board. Granted attended the University of Pittsburgh where he earned an MA in Economics. Grant later earned his MBA from the Stern Business School of New York University.
Grant is now very active in community activities serving as a volunteer on the Golden Gate Canyon Fire Department trained and certified in wild land and structural fire fighting as well as a Colorado-licensed First Responder and Emergency Medical Technician. Grant also serves on the Colorado School of Mines Advisory Board for the school of Business and Economics.

Grant brings disciplined and dedicated hard work and leadership to any endeavor to which he commits his time and energy. He believes that the manner in which an enterprise does business is as important as the business it is in.